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How Health And Social Care Workers Can See Health Information About Your Care

Your GP, community services and the local hospitals share information about your care. They do this with an electronic system named the London Care Record. Your London Care record will have some important information about you.

Some examples of the important information in your London Care Record are:

 your name, address and NHS number

  • your appointments and visits to hospitals
  • and what medicines you are taking

Who Can View My Information In The London Care Record?

  • Only staff involved directly in your care can see this information about you
  • Staff can only look at information that they need to know
  • When you see your health or social care worker, they will be able to see your information automatically as long as there is a need for them to see it
  • Even if you are too ill, they can still look at the record to make sure you have the best care. This is because it is in your ‘best interests’
  • Sometimes we have to share information with other people because the law says we have to. This does not happen very often

What Is Good About The London Care Record?

  • Health and social care workers can see what care you have already had
  • This saves time as they will have the information they need to help you
  • This is very important in an emergency
  • It might mean the doctors will not keep asking you the same questions

Do I Have To Have My Information Shared In The London Care Record?