Services We Provide

Calls for results will only be accepted between the hours of 11:30am-4pm.

Cervical Smears

Everyone who has a smear carried out at the surgery will receive their results by letter either from the practice or the hospital. This will tell you the result and follow-up arrangements. If you have not heard after eight weeks please ring in after midday and we will chase the result.


Pregnancy Tests

the doctor or nurse will make arrangements with you for these results.



The doctor or the nurse, will give you the results at a follow-up appointment or ask you to make an appointment by letter.

Any normal results will be given to you by reception.


Foreign Travel

Practice nurses are happy to help you with medical aspects of overseas travel: documentation, immunisations, protection against malaria and medical advice. Most immunisations are free of charge. Please check with the nurses about charges for other vaccines.

It is best to make an appointment 8 weeks before your holiday.


Flu Vaccinations

Each year, in early October, we begin our Flu campaign. We invite patients who are over 65 and those with certain conditions to attend for a vaccination.


Scrivens Hearing Care Services

Did you know we have an Adult Hearing Care Services at the Hurley Clinic?

It is for an hearing assessment and an hearing aid fitting service with aftercare.  Please ask the GP if you want to see the Audiologist.  She is here every Wednesday

This service is provided by Scrivens Hearing Care


First Contact Practitioners (FCP) – Physiotherapy

You can now book a consultation with the specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist at your GP practice for muscle, bone or joint problems as an alternative to a GP. The reception staff can discuss and book your appointment. 

Who is the First Contact Physiotherapist (FCP)?

The FCP is a physiotherapist who is an expert and has specialised in the assessment and management of musculoskeletal conditions. They have additional qualifications and training to work in this position.

What can the First Contact Physiotherapist (FCP) do for me?

The FCP can:

  • -       Assess you and diagnose your problem
  • -      Provide expert advice on how to manage your condition
  • -      Offer injection therapy where appropriate
  • -      When clinically indicated, arrange onward referral for:   Investigations (such as blood tests, X-rays or MRI scans),  Physiotherapy treatment,   Consultant opinion
  • What could I see the First Contact Physiotherapist (FCP) for?

  • All soft tissue injuries, sprains, strains or sports injuries
  • Arthritis – of any joint
  • Possible problems with muscles, ligaments, tendons or bone (tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, ankle sprains)
  • Spinal pain including lower back pain, mid-back pain and neck pain
  • Other spine related problems such as sciatica

What shouldn’t I see the First Contact Physiotherapist (FCP) for?

  • If you are feeling unwell
  • If you are under 16 years of age
  • For medical management of rheumatoid conditions
  • For women’s health, antenatal and post-natal problems
  • For medication reviews
  • For neurological and respiratory conditions
  • For headaches
  • For a mental health crises

The FCP service runs remotely (telephone or video consultation) on a Tuesdays and Wednesdays and is open to registered Riverside and Hurley patients.  You can book into this clinic directly by calling your GP reception team.


DWP Help and Advice

Is your health affecting your job? Are you worried about returning to work after a period of ill-health? Or are you thinking about a change of career because of your health condition?

Did you know that the DWP can offer you advice and guidance to help you find a route back to work. Whether this is help with your CV, advice on training, computer skills training or as an advocate to liaise between your employer and yourself.

For further confidential and impartial information please contact DEASUPPORT.CROYDONLAMBETHSOUTHWARK@DWP.GOV.UK