updated at 10:56pm on 22/01/2019

by ReMichelle Thornton gave Hurley Clinic a rating of 5 stars

A great Practice

Very good access to GP’S and other staff.

Visited in October 2018, Posted on 13 October 2018

by Anonymous gave Hurley Clinic a rating of 5 stars


A fast follow-up by the GP following an on-time appointment included an immediate hospital scan, followed up with the results by a telephone call from the Hurley Clinic GP (thank you), the next morning! Excellent fast & polite service.

I'm rarely sick & this follows previously poor, recent experience (rudeness/no appointments/lack of info) at Hurley – a big dip in performance compared to past years & a regular GP).

The improvement is a 5 Star experience & if rated alone, all of the above categories would be rated as such.

Thank you very much Hurley Clinic, I hope it continues.

Visited in September 2018, Posted on 04 September 2018